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Honda FF300 Petrol Rotary Tiller


Why choose this tiller?

It is powered by a 4-stroke Honda OHV GXV57 57 cc engine which provides bucket loads of power and reliability. It is environmentally friendly with fewer exhaust emissions, and neighbourhood friendly with lower noise levels. Not only that, but the 4-stroke engine has lower fuel consumption saving you money.

With a low centre of gravity, the Honda FF300 has ultimate stability which increases the ease of use. It also has differential drive which makes the FF300 ultra easy to manoeuvre. It also comes with an adjustable transport wheel so it is even easier to manoeuvre.

With 3 forward and 1 reverse gear, you can choose the speed that best suits the job at hand for a more precise finish. 

With front counter rotation digging tines the operation is made more reassuring and is not only safer, but leaves an excellent finish. 
Digging effortlessly

Ideally designed for large plots, counter-rotating tillers are durable and easy to handle. They easily carry out weeding operations on resistant and compacted soils.

Main Features

  • Controls grouped on the handlebars
  • Ergonomic handlebar: Height adjustment, deadman lever
  • Multi-speed transmission: Comfort of use, different speeds for precise work adapted to the tool used
  • Special speed for transport
  • GX engine: Lightweight, fuel-efficient and silent micromotors. Equipped with an automatic decompressor
  • Vertical engine: The center of gravity is low which improves the stability of the machine for greater working comfort
  • Training wheels: Easy advancement thanks to the training wheels
  • Counter-rotating cutters: Double chain transmission generating counter-rotation of the internal and external tools offers you robustness and reliability. But above all, unrivaled working comfort and excellent finishes


    All Honda products are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties possible, covering both manufacturing and material defects. This warranty is valid for two years.

    The warranty period for your equipment can be extended to 5 years. Under this warranty, we are required to repair or replace defective parts found during the applicable warranty period free of charge. Parts replaced during the warranty period remain the property of Honda, and are warranted for the remainder of the machine's warranty period.


    Max. hoeing width (mm) 410
    Max. hoeing depth (mm) 160
    Forward speed 3
    Rear speed 1
    Forward tool rotation speed (rpm) 0.15 - 1 m/s
    Reverse tool rotation speed (rpm) 0.3 m/s
    PTO tool rotation speed (rpm) 131


    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1465x465x1010
    Empty weight (kg) 50.5


    Rotors/cutters supplied Front counter-rotating tillers
    Counter-rotating cutters Yes
    Wheels Wheels and tires
    Scorer optional


    Engine 4-stroke OHC
    Type of engine GXV57
    Displacement (cm³) 57
    Net motor power (kW/rpm) 1.5/4.800
    Fuel tank capacity (Liters) 1
    Oil tank capacity (Liters) 0.26
    Startup Reminder
    Transmission clutch Manual - expansion pad
    Transmission Wheels - planetary gear on bevel gear
    Final transmission Wheels - constant grip / Cutters - chain and gear
    Differential / declutching Yes
    Acoustic pressure felt by the operator (dB(A)) 74
    Sound level (dB(A)) 92
    Vibration (m/sec²) 4.5


    Height adjustable handle Yes